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Smile with us – a beautiful smile is not merely a matter of aesthetics

A smiling face reflects harmony and brings confidence; a dazzling smile may reveal , healthy teeth thus consciousness about one’s dental hygiene. This website aims at providing accurate and up-to-date information about dental care services in Hungary. In view of the individual needs and financial means of our customers, we designed a detailed search engine that can select dental services, accommodation and programs according to everyone’s individual search criteria.

Your chosen dental clinic will not only provide you information about the available dental services , but also about various leisure possibilities.

It is our main goal that you find the most suitable dental clinic without any mediators or extra fees. Consequently our website provides all the contact data and other information about dentists and services necessary for you to be able to personally contact on phone or e-mail the selected center or clinic.

Information for our customers from abroad

Hungarian dental care has been recognized as one of the top quality in the region. Prices are reasonable (up to 75% cheaper thank in your own country!) , service quality is high.

Since dental treatments might last a few weeks, customers can enjoy various leisure activities during their stay.. During their treatment they can also enjoy the tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes and last but not least the hospitality of Hungary and Hungarian people.

Most customers request full service during their stay in Hungary therefore our website provides information not only about dental care facilities but also about accommodation. Several dental clinics also have accommodation already included into their services.

We hope that our website will assist you in choosing the best available service for your needs and that you will recall the time spent in Hungary with great pleasure and will appreciate that it was not merely limited to a medical treatment but has also made you rich with beautiful sights and nice memories.

If you were satisfied with our services and the dental clinic recommended by us please, tell your friends, help us assist other customers as well!