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Dental clinics


County: Békés
Town: Gyula
Address: Béke sugárút 2
Link: http://www.centro-dentale.hu Services: Accomodation available,  Dental hygienist,  Dentistry,  Endodontics,  Implants,  Implants,  Narcotism,  Orthodontics,  Parodontolgy,  Prosthodontics,  Thermal spa / thermal bath,  Tooth whitening,  X-ray

Welcome to our homepage!

Our dental centre has well-trained detists with international experience,
the most advanced technology, local laboratory, long-term guarantee and
competitive prices.
Being a dentist I face the fact that most patients visit a dental
surgery only when they have a big problem. Most of the problems could be prevented with regular control.
Our teeth has a great importance in many respects in our life.
Not only they are indispensable for eating but they are very important from an
aesthetic view as well.
The dentists can use more and more modern equipments to give patients
not only functionally perfect, but also beautiful teeth from aesthetic view as well.

The people regain their self-confidence, throw off the inhibition, and smile again assertively to the wold after our treatment.

The Centro-Dentale Kft gives you full-scale services:

Dental surgery
X-ray and CT diagnosis
Prosthetic dentistry, implantation
Dental techician
Laughing-gas anaesthesia, Sedation
3D implantation planning and execution
If your treatment lasts longer time, we can give you a hand with
accomodation in the centre of Gyula in a very beautiful environment.

Please check our homepage! If you have
any question, feel free to contact us!

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